Minecraft for Dummies: Combat Part

11. 24. 2022

Minecraft for Dummies: Combat Part

In the ongoing series of Minecraft for Dummies, we have covered the steps that you will need to take in order to attain survival. Now we will cover some of the skills that will be necessary to improve upon in your trails as an adventurer. In this article we will talk about combat.

First of all, quit punching stuff. You will want a weapon. A sword is the best. Next to that is the axe, then the pick and then the shovel. A bow and arrow will do the most damage, but it is slower and is most effective from a distance. Critical hits were added in the 1.8 update. These are attacks that deal double damage, sometimes even more. Critical hits are performed when a player attacks a creature while falling. Sprinting will cause a knockback effect. These two things can be combined for a combo.

An interesting physics advantage is to use cobwebs to greatly extend the period of time that one will fall. Water also works with this mechanic. The compromise to this strategy is mobility.

If fighting alone in the wilderness is making you lonely, you can always look for a wolf companion. They will get behind the enemy while you push.