Minecraft Anarchy

12. 10. 2022

Minecraft Anarchy

Yes you read it right, Minecraft anarchy. If you're looking to play Minecraft but have little to no patience for other people's rules and feelings, boy do I have a Minecraft server for you. What if I told you, there Minecraft servers out there, that have little to no rules about gameplay, let you grief and attack other players on a whim and the only retaliation you're ever likely to get is getting griefed or attacked back ? For some of you I'm sure that sounds wonderful and rightly so. You should have a server where you're not constrained by all the rules of a server, protecting people who are simply too soft to play at the level you do.

Minecraft anarchy servers are some of the most misunderstood communities out there, people mostly think it's full of players who simply want to take out their frustrations on others because they lack a healthy outlet, however I don't think that's really fair as some of the nicest people I've ever met was on a Minecraft Anarchy server. They simply prefer to not be constrained by rules they don't agree with or find dumb. Here is a pair of Minecraft anarchy servers I found on my favorite Minecraft server list.

MC Prison

Mc Prison is not your typical anarchy server, but it does really well by blending Minecrafts prison and anarchy game modes letting you experience the best of both. The rules it does have is against cheating and hacking and that's pretty much it. With you starting out as a prisoner without a dime to your name, your job is to go out and work your way to freedom. However there are no guards and other players can simply attack you if they want to. This obviously has its own repercussions and it leads to a really interesting dynamic of picking your fights.


Minewind on the other hand offers the true Anarchy server experience with a few twists thrown in. It features the classic Minecraft survival game mode letting you scavenge and mine for resources and build your home. However there's obviously little to no rules about letting other players mess with you so you're going to want to make some friends or be really really careful about setting down any type of permanent roots. They also run plenty of regular weekly or monthly events and even feature server currency letting you buy anything from blocks to unique items, making it a really interesting and fun server.

I have played on these two servers and had plenty of fun, so I'm more than willing to recommend them to you. However if these two don't really capture your fancy, you're more than free to head on over to find your own Minecraft anarchy server.