3D Minecraft Models

01. 19. 2023

3D Minecraft Models

Recently people have been creating models of Minecraft with 3D printers. This rise can be attributed to the rendering programs and making them compatible.

The Minecraft portal has been reporting on this rising pattern of 3D models of Minecraft, and it has noticed a sub-pattern: that there are a large amount of people who are using their 3D printer to print models of Minecraft, and then create a website to sell their creations. We have suggested that people do this, it looks like people have either listened to us, or have just felt the opportunity on their own.

A commenter of someone's 3D model printed with the ZPrinter 650 said, “?Aha, looking up the stats on the ZPrinter 650, this is the same one that Shapeways uses. Like I say, though, its way larger than anything I could ever afford to print with them. Lovely!?”

These models make one think of the uses these 3D models could bring to the players. It seems to me largely a cosmetic thing – something to print and put on the office desk as a paper weight or something. But could this also be a new form of creating environments for model trains? That will all depend on how players use the technology.