Minecraft for Dummies: Combat Part 2

We have already covered sword and bow combat in the last edition of Minecraft for Dummies. But there is more to combat in Minecraft, and it is about harnessing the elements of nature to cast fire and water spells. We are talking, of course, about buckets. It is advisable the one never ventures out on a serious adventure without two buckets. Make sure they are filled with water. You now have a way to put yourself out when you are on fire, a way to jump down deep pits, and a way to push enemies back.

On your travels, mostly deep in caves but there are exceptions, you will eventually run into some lava blocks. It is at this point in time where you will empty one of your water buckets and replace it with lava. You now have the ultimate power in Minecraft. You are now a pyromancer. Relish the heat on your face as you incinerate any that dares stand in your way. Besides setting yourself on fire, there is only one disadvantage to this strategy, burning the drops from your enemies as well. Nevertheless, a lava bucket will be a good nuke for when you are desperate enough to use in a fight.