It has been announced that the game that Notch made for the Ludum Dare challenge, Minicraft, was going to be developed further into a new game. During this time, Notch called the work in progress Minicraft 2. But now, an official new name has been decided upon. The name of the game is MiniTale.

This is a fitting name, because the game is a “zelda-ish top down game with crafting influences from Minecraft”. This gives a theme of what the game will be. Even though the game will evolve dynamically in its development, there is still a general vision of the end product. There has been much speculation over what the final title of the game will be, so this is a relief for many people who have been following this news lead.

There is a mysterious new website that has popped up. It is the official MiniTale website, and all it says is “coming eventually”. For anyone who has been following this news lead, their tension of what the game will be called will only be replaced with the tension of what this website will look like. As for now, we can only be certain that the game is called MiniTale, and that there will be more.