Minecraft cheats

This time I was playing Minecraft on Xbox One, the awesome bedrock edition. I have a legitimate survival Minecraft world where I don’t have cheats and and was planning on earning every achievement there is. I was so far on this world and built so many things and put so much time into it.

But then my friend joined and since I had the default permissions set to visitor, I went to give him permissions and I was trying to speed through it because I needed to do something else. Under operator commands I believe it was gave me the option to turn cheats on or off, yes was the top option and since I was speeding through it I was spamming a and I accidentally turned cheats on.

I was like devastated because this disabled all achievements right after this mistake happened I haven’t played on the world since and I didn’t do anything that would affect the survival aspect of the world. I have never actually did all the things to do in survival mode like fight the end enderdragon and I just wanted to finally finish a survival Minecraft world.